The easiest sport to bet on

Let’s assume you are new to the whole sports betting business.

Let’s also assume that you would like to take betting on a whole new level and raise the stakes with betting on a level that is more professional than a simple wager with your friends on a game or two over a beer or two in your favorite pub.

The most common question most of the newly awaken punters would ask is definitely – what’s the easiest sport to win bets at.

It might sound like a simple and a straightforward question but that does not mean that a simple and straightforward answer can be given to it.

Betting process is much more than a simple black and white and what you might consider to be an easy sport to bet at might be an unresolved mystery for another punter. A review of various sports’ stats and potential betting models and systems can possibly provide a deeper insight as to which sport could be the one to bet on, but the simplest way to answer the question from the title is to say that nothing comes easy in sports betting.

If you are expecting to simply walk, place your wagers, sit back and watch the money drip into your account then you get an entirely wrong idea of what sports betting actually is.

To make it perfectly clear, sports betting, in general, will never give you 100% chance of making a profit and winning, but in order to increase your chances to win you simply need to make sure to bet on sport you know most about. Any sport you feel comfortable in will significantly increase your shot at winning and make it easier to bet.

A lot of people would do the opposite and bet exclusively on statistics, without ever following the sport, but here lies the upper-hand you will have as a passionate sports fan. Emotions can be a huge detriment in sports betting as they can often steer you in a wrong direction especially if you are betting on/against your favourite team, but they can also provide you with great insight.

What statistics and numbers cannot reveal are the in-squad details you as a passionate football/basketball/volleyball/American football etc. fan will know. Is your team feeling positive after a winning streak, are all of the players healthy and injury-free, motivated to give their best against a weaker opponent, or did your star player had a rough fight with the coach that could affect his performance?

Answers to those questions are not hidden inside the stats sheets and cannot be found unless you are a die-hard fan of a sport/competition. Placing bets on a sport that you see interesting for your own taste will increase your winning chances.

We don’t want our stat-savvy punters to feel left out, however, and here is a little suggestion for them as well. Go for a sport that involves less players in a game. A game of tennis, in example, brings only two variables to account for unlike football where you have the total of 22 variables between the two teams.

A team of one has a lesser variance than a soccer team of 11 and thus offers better numbers for your betting consideration.

So, let’s go with tennis as a direct answer to the question in the title.

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