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The Martingale system gives the player a high chance of winning a lot of small amounts and a low chance of losing a large amount, therefore typically users of the system will be better off in the short run. However be aware that it is inevitable that the player will eventually lose an amount so large that they go bust or hit the table limit and be unable to continue.

Explanation of Martingale With Example

In the Martingale system, a person needs to put double the stake if he loses in any match. And if he wins, then he will have to retain the same amount of stakes on the next bet. Here we have explained the strategy with an example:

Suppose you have invested $10 as the first bet for the odds of 2.25 and you have lost it. Then, the next bet you need to place it is for $20 for nearly the same odds. The process needs to be carried on till the time you got a win. At the last win, you would not only recovered the lost amount but also registered profit in your profit.

What is the logic behind the Martingale betting system?

At first glance, the Martingale betting system makes perfect sense. By doubling your bet (or more) after every loss, you ensure that when you do win you will win back all of your collective losses as well as a profit equal to your original bet. Returning to your original bet after every win also seems to limit your investment by keeping your wagers as low as possible. To step things up a bit and make the system pay off more quickly a player can recoup all of their losses plus a lot more if they decide to triple their bet after each loss instead of doubling it. Deciding to triple the bet after each loss must not be taken lightly though as it increases the risk exponentially as can be illustrated in the table of odds below.

Pros of Martingale Strategy

Over the time, Martingale Strategy has gained the confidence in betting players. This is because of the benefits it offers in a game of chance. Here we are the pros of Martingale strategy due to which it followed across the world:

  • It enables the recovery of the lost amount and also ensures the profit in the final bet. Hence, a person can make money through this strategy even after losing consecutive loses.
  • Martingale is easy to understand and not complex mathematical calculation is required to understand as well as to use it. So, even if someone is not experienced enough, still one can bet on games without any difficulty.
  • One can use this strategy if he wants to play for a limited span of time. This is a suitable system for short-term betting and not for a longer period of time.
  • If someone has a limited bankroll then Martingale betting system is optimal for such people. It is an excellent strategy to use for both experienced as well as inexperienced persons who love to bet on various games.

Cons of Martingale Strategy

  • If someone is encountering a consecutive loses then it is not good to use this strategy as it needs to have a bigger amount in its pocket.
  • This system is only good for a short time as it can empty the pocket at a faster rate. In this case, a person needs to set his investment limit in order to avoid loss of huge amount.
  • Betting sites put a cap on the number of times one can make use of Martingale strategy. So, it becomes quite imperative for a person to recover its money in a limited number of bets only. Otherwise, he would have to wait for the next term which itself means putting a bigger amount while placing the bets.
  • Also, the odds do not improve in the long-run which puts a lot of pressure on a person’s pocket. If you play for a long time, then you will have more chances to lose than to win. That is why it is recommended to use this strategy if you want to invest for a short time span.

The Grand Martingale System

The Martingale is the best well-known betting system.

Is this the best betting strategy for winning in roulette?
This system differs from the standard Martingale system in the fact that every time you double your stake, you’ll also add on the original bet size as well. What this actually means is that you’ll actually win more the longer it takes to hit that win.

The Grand Martingale System– In Action

Grand Martingale example:

  1. Take your aim: You decide to start with $5 with the aim of winning $5.
  2. First spin: However, the first spin result is black and you’ve bet on red.
  3. Compare: The standard martingale system would now require a $10 bet, but the grand martingale system requires a $15 (you’ve doubled the $5 and added $5 on top).
  4. If you win: If you land on red this time, you’ll actually finish $10 in profit.
  5. Lucky red: If you land on red this time, you’ll actually finish $10 in profit. If you land on red after three spins, you’ll win $15, then $20 and so on.

Advantages of the Grand Martingale System

There are two advantages to using this system in roulette.

  1. Short-term winning: The first is that the chances are that you’ll win in the short-term. For example, if you’re willing to go to five spins on a European wheel, then you’ll actually win 96.4% of the time.
  2. Progressive win: The other advantage of this system is the progressive winning amount.

Compare: The standard Martingale system offers only the opportunity of winning one bet, while this system offers you bigger wins the longer it takes for you to finally hit.

Mini Martingale System

The Mini Martingale system is a variation of its namesake which limits the amount of double-down bets in order to avoid the huge losses. It’s harder to lose your entire bankroll this way and will spread out the process, but the profits are smaller and long-term success rate about the same.

Single Disadvantage of the Grand Martingale System

The main disadvantage of this system is the danger it entails when on a roulette losing run.

Consider This

Your initial bet might be $10. What would happen if you have a run of four straight losses? You’ve staked $10, then $30, then $70 and $150. Your next bet is $310.

So ask yourself:

  • Can you afford this amount, having already staked $260?
  • Can you afford the next bet of $630 or even the following bet of $1270?
  • Will the casino accept four-figure bets anyway?

Tip: If you do not have a huge roulette bankroll, maybe it’s not worth it.

Worse-Case Scenario

I stated earlier that you’ll win 96.4% of the time if going to five spins, but the one time in 28 that you lose will cost you much more than you ever made.  The Martingale system is dangerous enough and you’ll find some mathematical calculations on our Martingale Betting System page.

Compare: The situation is worse with the Grand Martingale vs the Martingale since the stakes increase even quicker.

Can the Martingale System Help Me Win?

Yes, the Martingale system can help bettors win – especially with lower stakes. It’s difficult to get rich on the Martingale system for all the reasons listed above, but under the right circumstances it’s an effective strategy.

It can certainly pay off on a limited basis – players who get on a hot streak using the Martingale Strategy will steadily build their bankroll all night long while avoiding any risk. But it must be done exactly within those structures and players cannot lose track of their bankroll should the losses pile up.

Give it a shot the next time you’re at a casino or sportsbook and see if it works for you. It might not be the win-win proposition one imagines, but it can definitely be useful and profitable in certain situations.

Martingale Betting and “Sticky” Bonuses

The Martingale System does work very well when wagering with non-withdrawable bonuses.  It is not uncommon to find situations where you can deposit £100 and get as much as £400 in non withdrawable money that you can wager with.  Some casinos have maximum win rates from these deposits which can reduce the benefits of playing games such as slots or video poker as you do not get to fully benefit from your winnings.  Instead of playing the full Martingale system you can start with small bet sizes of whatever game you are playing and then if you have lost some of the money and keep increasing the size of your bets (but not depositing again) until you have either busted your deposit and bonus money or made a profit.

Grand Martingale System – Overview

Warning: This is a very high-risk system.

Yes, you’ll gain a series of small short-term profits, but when that bad run does hit it’ll cost you a whole load of dollars. Roulette is a game where the house cannot be beaten, so any system will fall down in the long run, but using a system can add enjoyment to a game.

Conclusion: This high-risk system definitely adds a huge element of tension to the game, and if that is enjoyable for you, go ahead and try it. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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