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[Guide] A brief introduction to sport betting

Q: What is a betting ticket?

A betting ticket contains one or more selections with predictions for certain sporting events. It is won when the bettor hits all or some of the results depending on the type of the ticket.

Q: What is the odd of a bet?

Odds – is an index that bookmakers give to every possible outcome of a sporting event

Q: What is the share of a multiple ticket?

The share of a multiple  ticket – is obtained by multiplying the odds of all sporting events on that ticket. If for example we have 3 events with odds 2.00, 1.60 and 1.50 the final odds will be 4.80

Q: What is the stake of a betting ticket?

The stake is the amount of money we bet on a ticket.

Q: What is the total win in sport betting?

The total win – is the amount of money we get after winning a ticket. It is obtained by multiplying the stake by the share of the ticket.

Q: What is the profit left after winning a sport bet?

Profit – is the amount of money we are left with after subtracting the stake from the total win.

Q: What are the fixed odd bets?

Fixed odds bets – are the usual bets placed at an online bookmaker that also has the role of “bookmaker”. That is, this operator offers the environment in which to bet, but he also offers the odds and pays the customer’s winnings. Most bookmakers operate this way. This is the agency recommended by Pariurix for fixed odds betting!

Q: What are the counterpart bets?

Counterpart bets – are known as “betting exchange” bets where the agency offers only the gaming environment. Here the odds are offered by other bettors. Basically here you can take the place of the bookmaker.

Q. What does betting at street bookmakers refers to?

Betting at street bookmakers – are those agencies that have physical offices and where you go to play the desired tickets. You will have to hand the money to the cashier every time you want to play a ticket, and you will go to pick up the winnings every time you win.

Q. What does betting at online bookmakers refers to?

Betting at online bookmakers – are those agencies that do not have physical offices, and where you bet through a web interface. This means that you have to open an account on the site you want to play on, and make a deposit. Then all bets are placed using the money in the account. When you want to withdraw money, just ask for a withdrawal.

Q: What are the pre-match bets?

Pre-match bets – are those bets placed before a match begins

Q: What are the live bets?

Live bets – are those bets placed in real time after the start of a sporting event

Q: What does computer betting refers to?

bets placed using a PC

Q: What does mobile betting refers to?

bets placed on a mobile device (phone / tablet)

Q: What is a single ticket in sport betting?

Single ticket – contains two or more selections and is won when all predictions come out of the ticket.

Q: What is a system ticket in sport betting?

System ticket – contains several matches and can be won if we lose one or more matches, depending on the system we choose

Q: What is 1×2 betting?

1×2 winner – is the most popular type of bet and consists in predicting the outcome of the game (win the hosts, win the guests or draw).

Q: What is the double chance betting?

Double chance – consists in choosing two possible outcomes of the game from the three existing ones: 1x (host or equal victory), x2 (guest or equal victory), 12 (victory of any of the teams)

Q: What is the total goals betting?

Total Goals: Over / Under – You must choose whether more or fewer goals will be scored in the match than the number proposed by the bookmaker. For example, if you see “Over / under 2.5” it means that for a “over” prediction any number of goals scored greater than or equal to 3 is good, and for a “under” prediction a maximum of 2 goals must be scored.

Q: What does draw no bet refers to?

Represents those bets after which if a match ends with a certain result exactly then the bettor neither wins nor loses, but receives back the bet amount. For example, if we bet on “Total goals: Above / below 3.0” and in the match 3 goals are fixed, then we receive the bet back. If this happens on a ticket with several matches then this prediction receives odds 1 instead of the initial odds, and the ticket is still calculated normally.

Q: What is AH betting?

Asian handicap bet can have only two signs. This type of bet is often used to offer balanced odds between two unbalanced teams. Specifically, let’s say we have a match with the following odds for 1×2: 1.30 5.10 8.22. So the hosts clearly start with the first chance. In such a game you will find an option like AH -1.5: 1.85 1.85.

This means that in order to be able to offer two balanced odds, bookmakers offer the possibility to deduct 1.5 goals from the total number that the favorite will score; so it gives it a “handicap” to balance the odds. Thus, if we bet on the hosts AH -1.5 then they must win by two or more goals difference for our bet to be a winner. But if we bet on the guests with AH +1.5, then they must win, draw or lose a maximum goal difference.

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